Capturing memories of waste materials


Most memories are there to be cherished, but that’s not always easy when the physical part of the memory fades away. Jule Cats knows that feeling very well since the moment her own house had to be demolished. She felt the need to capture the remains of the demolished homes, and create objects that showed its beauty and emotional value. By combining the rubble with contrasting materials, the designs trigger a sense of mystery and fascination.


 Available in three models: the Heart,
Diamond and Rock


Sometimes memories can get in the way of change. Letting go of the past can be hard, but it’s essential in order to move on and rise from the ashes. The design of the ‘RISE’ series reflects optimism and hope that can grow from waste – and the memories attached to it.

Available in two sizes, from 30 cm to 40 cm

'RISE' Light - Part of the collection of the AN+ Design Museum Shenzhen, China


The design of ‘SOLID’ is inspired by a sense of belonging and strength, when memories have been put into a physical shape and place. When looking at this design, it feels as if the heavy material is floating on the thin legs. But just like the feeling of confidence, this design is solid as a rock.


The ‘MEMORIES’ collection is part of the
‘IN DISGUISE’ project. 
The concrete refers to the dust of a demolished house, while the polyester captures its beauty. Every object is carefully made by hand, and can be used as ornament or paperweight.

Available in multiple colours.


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