Inspired by impossibilities, Jule Cats creates a sense of mystery by combining contrasting materials into one object. Transparent and solid, elegant and rough – every design owns a seemingly impossible combination.

For a few years Jule Cats has been living in houses that were on the list to be demolished. With her latest handmade design ‘SOLID, she closes the circle of emotions that comes with the grief of being forced to leave your home. The design is inspired by the realisation that every small step has led to the ultimate goal – a sense of belonging and strength.


The collection ‘RISE’ is based on the urge of holding on to memories. Sometimes letting go of the past is hard, but essential in order to move on and rise from the ashes. The chosen materials derived from the previous collection ‘IN DISGUISE’, where Jule Cats paid attention to home demolition in Dutch Cities. However, the ‘IN DISGUISE’ series contains a sense of grief and melancholy, whereas these lights reflect acceptation and hope.

Available in two sizes, from 30 to 40 cm.

Now on show at Mint Gallery London.

All the collections are handmade, therefore each product has its own unique details.
Jule Cats: "I get inspired by the challenge of combining contrasting materials. I just love creating that mystery."


The handmade series ‘IN DISGUISE’ is inspired by home demolition within Dutch cities. Having lived in houses that were on the list to be demolished, Jule Cats experienced the grief that comes with being forced to leave your home. With this series, she reveals this theme that lies beneath the surface. The concrete refers to the dust of a demolished house, while the refined polyester reflects the emotions surrounding the theme.

Available in three models: the Heart,
Diamond and Rock.


The ‘MEMORIES’ collection is part of the
‘IN DISGUISE’ project. 
The concrete refers to the dust of a demolished house, while the polyester captures its beauty. Every object is carefully made by hand, and can be used as ornament or paperweight.

Available in multiple colours.


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