SOLID – Side Table (Black, Yellow, Grey)


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According to Jule Cats, impossibilities are inspiring. She creates a sense of mystery by combining contrasting materials into one object. Transparent and solid, elegant and rough – every design owns a seemingly impossible combination.

For a few years Jule Cats has been living in houses that were on the list to be demolished. With her new handmade design ‘SOLID’ (2019), she closes the circle of emotions that comes with the grief of being forced to leave your home. The design is inspired by the realization that every small step has led to the ultimate goal – a sense of belonging and strength.

Model: ‘Black, Yellow, Grey’ – 42 cm high



Manufacturing time: 6-7 weeks

Each piece is unique and handmade, and the final product might be slightly different from the picture.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 42 cm


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